Monday, November 04, 2013

Nursery Update #2

My little Baby Bears nursery is coming along. I love starting these types of things way earlier 
and just slowly letting them come together.  you get fresh ideas along the way, its not matchy-matchy, and its so less stressful.  I'll try and do a more detailed one when its finished but if you have any questions I'll try and answer just comment. 

 Here's the ombre quilt I made for the little guy. Again hopefully I can get around to making a post on just it. This quilt was so fun and easy. Took me 2 hours to cut and sew!  The crib skirt is an upcycle from an old bed skirt we didn't use anymore. I used velcro and a hot glue gun for that project :D  I really love how the decal turned out too.

 My husband came up with the awesome antler tie backs to hold his DIY curtains. I am in love with them. You can see my curtain post DIY peg board info here

See his side table? 
Yeah that came from a tree we cut down a couple weekends ago. 
It'll be nice to put a lamp on for night nursing and a glass of water, again for night nursing haha. 
I'm really struggling with lamp ideas though :(

DIY peg board info  here

7 more weeks till I can smooch and snuggle my little guy! I'm so excited to do this again.
Pregnancy and Child rearing is such a beautiful blessing and God given privilege.


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