Friday, January 10, 2014

Labor/Delivery Christian Playlist

The Prince is Here!
I have not talked about it much on here but my baby doll is here!
7 lbs 3 ounces 20 1/2 long
He's 2 weeks today

I haven't talked about it much on here only because I never got around to it not because 
I lacked anything to say :)
I was busy blabbing my mouth on instagram

Barrett was a successful VBAC.
For all you other VBAC or wannabe VBAC mommies I
know you know how big of deal that is.
How much research, time, tears, anxiety, and prayer you
poured over that upcoming birth.

I was so very prepared this time around for delivery so 
I thought I would make sure to share some of my resources I used for 
Eventually I'll write Baby Bear's Birth Story but for now I'm going to do 
the quicker thing and just share with you the "Peaceful" Christian playlist I 
used for Labor and delivery.  I put quite a bit of time and thought into this playlist wanting just 
the right words and mood to be set in the room. 
I think I won the Labor/Delivery playlist with this one...if there is such a thing as beating everyone else :)
I cannot tell you how much I know I will cherish these songs now
I think they bring me closer to the Lord after all of this then they helped me through labor...

Here are some lyrics that really stuck out to me from each song:

1) Love knows No End
"I know my help is in your name
In everything Held by hands
Of mercy I will run and not grow weary
I will rise in God my strength"

2) Oceans
"You call me out upon the waters
The great unknown, where feet may fail...
Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made strongerIn the presence of my Savior 

3) Still
"When the oceans rise and thunders roar
I will soar with you above the storm
Father you are king over the floodI will be still and know you are God"

4) My Hope Is In You 
"A peace that passes, understanding is my song and I sing
My hope is in You aloneI wait for You and my soul finds rest"

5) While Im Waiting 
"While I'm waiting I will worship
While I'm waiting I will not faint
I'll be running the race even while I wait
I'm waiting, I'm waiting on You Lord
And I am peaceful, I'm waiting on You Lord"

6) What A Savior
"Jesus, You are stronger More than any other
Hallelujah, what a SaviorJesus, You are higher
My souls deepest desire"

7) Safe and Sound
"Couldn't wait to meet you...
I get the funny feelingLife will never be the same
Safe & sound
You're here with me now
Like I hoped you'd be"

8) Yearn
"Holy design
This place in timeThat I might seek and find my God My God"

9) Forever Reign
You are good, You are good When there's nothing good in me
You are love, You are love On display for all to see
You are light, You are light When the darkness closes in
You are hope, You are hope"

10) You're Here (just in case he was born on christmas)
"You're here, I'm holding You so near 
I'm staring into the face of my Savior, King and Creator 
You could've left us on our own, but You're here"

11) How Deep the Fathers Love For Us
"How deep the Father's love for us,
How vast beyond all measure" 

12) Hope Now
"When my life is like a storm
Rising waters all I want is the shoreYou say I'll be ok and
Make it through the rainYou are my shelter from the storm"

13) Grace For Me
"This jar of clay and all its weakness;
Somehow inside dwells Your fullness.
Even though I’m not yet flawless,You are forming me"

14) Beautiful Things
"You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of the dust
You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of us"

15) In Your Arms
"When the waves dash against the boulders 
and my ships tossed on an angry sea i feel your 
hand rest gently on my shoulder you guide me home and seal the storm in me "

16) Carry Me Through
"There's a mountain
Here before me And I'm going to climb it
With strength not my ow nHe's gonna lead me
Or the mountain beats me Carry me through"

17) Mine to Love
 "Theres a weight off my shoulder
Theres laughter in the air
You are the answer to every midnight prayer
Youre mine to love
We have all been waitin on you"

18) You are for Me
"I know that You are for meI know that You are for meI know that 
You will never
Forsake me in my weakness"

19) God I Look to You
"God I look to You, I won’t be overwhelmed 
Give me vision to see things like You do 
God I look to You, You’re where my help comes from"

20) How He Loves
"I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory,
And I realise just how beautiful You are,
And how great Your affections are for me."

21) Only You
"Take my fret, take my fear
All I have, I'm leaving here"

22) On Fire
"And you're on fire when he's near you
You're on fire when he speaks
You're on fire burning at these mysteries"

And I'll leave you with some pictures...


  1. Hooray! Congratulations to you all on the arrival of your gorgeous little boy! He's just lovely! xx

  2. Thanks Lanie!
    We think so too! Ps love following u on Pinterest u always have the cutest kid clothing


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