Thursday, September 22, 2011

Old Becomes New

I love taking an old thing and giving it new life. It really feels good to take something that is unused and going to rot and making it into something you can use and even just look at. This weekend I found this

I guess it used to be a window screen, its around 2' X 4' im guessing. The moment I saw it I knew I could do something fun with it! Its pace is now above our bed with a "W" hung to it, mabey one day a big canvas portrait of our family....who knows. If I had a larger room I would have loved to hang hooks on it and made it into a jewelry hanger/display. Oh well a girl cant have everything!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hacking....The Fun Kind

Since I've been sewing I've only ever bought one pattern. I found out how to "hack" patterns and that's been my only way of sewing. Basically you trace an existing garment and use that as a pattern. No $5 patterns, which is soo nice, and really does make, making clothes cheaper then buying.
Here's a tutorial by MADE on just how to do it:

Make sure And add 1/4 inch all around for your seam allowance. Pretty much like I didn't do for this little number. It doesn't fit around her trunk unfortunately. Bummer. I didn't quite take into account that their was no stretch in the fabric I used. It's all part of the territory, I mind messing up in alot of areas. I never kick myself to hard for the mistakes I make in sewing and you shouldn't either, just have fun enjoy creating.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Corn & Black Bean Salsa

I had never Canned before and thought it was super technical and hard but this woman made it sound really simple so I just had to try it! It turned out beautifully, and fairly simple. Its the time of year here in Kansas that people give you loads and loads of sweet corn which was he case here. I just love free Stuff! I'm really glad I found something creative to do with it too.
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