Friday, April 29, 2011

Another "No Pattern Dress"


Heres another take on my "No Pattern Dress".
I used some of my old tank tops, which made this project really easy and cheap :)
With the Jersey knit material used in the tank tops you dont have to finish the edges if you dont
want to because jersey knit doesn't unravel. Well enjoy. If you would like instructions on how to make your own
check out my previous post for the Tutorial:

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The "Oh Soo Adorable Sock Monkey"


Im like any other person out there....I love me some Sock Monkey! Theres just something about their goofy little smiling faces, and floppy little arms. Well heres where you can go to get some instructions on how to clone one for your own.
Enjoy! I just smiled again looking at these photos....gosh theres just something about those dang things! Their on the verge of being creepy their THAT cute, like a precious moments clown or something...

Melbourne 4 Mothers:

Monday, April 18, 2011

Contest! (NOW CLOSED)

Finally something you could actually win! All you have to do is be one of the people who officially follow  Pins, Needle, & Kids. To do this just click, "follow" on the left hand side of my page, and you qualify to win. When you do this, Blogger may want your email address but thats still pretty simple. When Pins, Needles, & Kids reaches 2,001 page views I will randomly select a person from my "followers" to win a free gift! What is the gift you may ask, well one FREE sewing magazine!!! Packed full of patterns and advise, soo fun.  Something along these lines..... just a way to thank you for your support. thanks!


Tuesday, April 05, 2011

April's Favorite Things

Here is some of the things I am reeeealy digging this month

Emrey Mondays!
Yesterday I declared it to be, Emrey Monday! It was the first one of many, I loved it. I was very deliberate throughout the day, I purposly did the things I knew she would like. We went to PizzaHut and I pilled her plate full of
Noodles, all day she was a permanent attachment to my hip. We played with her ball for a good 20 minutes, (as seen above) I got on the floor and rolled around with her. I even took her daily nap with her instead of putting her in her crib. I still did the things I needed to do but I tryed to include her in as much as I could or stop and smile at her more. It was such a great day, she just bloomed and I felt like such a great mom. I really encourage you all to try a weekly kids day, it will make you feel less bad on the days your running around the house forgetting to play with your kids. :)

The Road by Cormac McCarthy
This book is SUCH a nailbitter, its really giving me some anxiety issues. I have never read a book that made me scared, and this one is fully doing it, im skipping over words just to figure out whats happened next.
I am absolutly flying through it. I had no idea what it was about when I first started reading it and im not sure it would have been one I would have thought ide like. Im so glad I did though. I just know its going to end bad though,
I can feel it. :(  Read this book

Waverly Fabric: SNS Lovely Lattice
I would love to frame this, its that pretty. I would love some throw pillows in this

Waverly Wallpaper: Natural Burlap Texture Grass Weave
I love this for the color and the texture, what a great way to add something to a room. Mabey just one wall though, im not too
hip on a whole room being wallpapered, I dont know though mabey this
 one could do it for me.
ummm just found this site and you HAVE to check out their dresses

Brown Cow Strawberry Greek Yogurt
Im such a loser, it doesnt matter what their giving out samples of, im going to speed walk to them the moment I spot 'em.
At Walmart they had the sample ladies giving some of this out, and after I tryed it I felt like one of those
cheesy infomercial people. "WOW, THIS IS SOO GREAT"
I almost pulled a Heidi Klum and licked the cup clean. :) I had never tryed Greek Yogurt before, man its so creamy,
and the sweet with the unflavored yogurt, too-shay

Man I want some of these in my yard, badly. I dont have enough sun though...depressing. Murray Feiss
So Classy, it reminds me of some upscale restraunt you would find in Denver or something. I want this in my dinning room,
if only...

Friday, April 01, 2011

"No Pattern Easter Dress"

Grab a simple dress and trace on whatever fabric you like, when traceing add 1/4 inch for seam allowance (while tracing the front piece swoop down a little so the dress wont be a chocker). Trace for front and back. Cut your dress shapes out. Cut a slit in the back for a button and elastic toggle. Finish raw edges around neck and arm line, finish the opening in the backs edges, while finishing one side loop a piece of elastic and sew onto dress. Sew a button on opposite side. Embellish (if you want, man i sound bossy). Sew right sides together. Va-BAM your done, put on something cute! And all the mommys out there you can do this to one of your dresses even.

My Doodie wasnt feeling too hot, after playing with her toy for a little while this is what happened while Mommy sewed. This is a first, she is the pickiest sleeper ever!

Ribbon from Walmart

Ribbon Ruffle & simple Toggle Button Thingy, i know all the correct sewing terms :)

She just LOVED it :)
Enjoy getting your craft on... And Easter too!

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