Monday, March 10, 2014

Faux Brushed Bronze Hardware

I feel like there are so many very little things in my house that I would love to update.
I'll daydream at night about remodeling projects (both reasonable ideas and bat-crap crazy renovations)
Updating our gold door knobs upstairs is on the reasonable side and I've only wanted to do it for a year now. Ha!
So just 20 minutes ago I up and did it with what I had on hand.
Here's a mini tutorial for your little DIY pleasure.

Faux Brushed Bronze Tutorial: 

Spray paint and top coat spray paint
Phillips screw driver
Fine grit sandpaper or steel wool

Unscrew your doorknob(s)

Very lightly sand off top glossy coat. This allows your spray paint to adhere much better and you're less likely to have runs

Lightly spray both doorknobs x2

After they dry, spray with topcoat for longer lasting color

Screw back on

Sharpie or spray paint the screws for a finished look

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Girls Maxi Skirt Tutorial

This is an up-cycle. I had that originally in the title but when checking where my traffic was coming from in search engines some people were looking for a combination of the wording I used in the original title. Its very upsetting, especially when "Little Girl" was part of it. I would like to find people like that and publicly humilate them among other things)

was in the sewing mood.
But I wanted something quick
I dig quick
Quick gets me a finished project Inbetween "nursings"
Quick got me this maxi skirt for my daughter in 15 minutes flat. I didn't even use pins.
I walk on the wild side.

Here's a quick "Tutorial"

Child's Maxi Skirt

Find a woman's knee to calf length knit skirt with elastic waist.
Have your daughter step into it
With your fingers pinch the waist on both hips to where it fits. 
Mark the spots on both hips with a pin or a washable marker. Make sure you mark the front of the skirt and back of the skirt on both hips (4 marks) 
Now sew the skirt. With jersey knit use a zig zag stitch so the fabric will still have give to it aka stretch.
As you sew down flare the stitch out (as seen in photo above) just a little or the fit will be more like a pencil skirt and not a maxi. 
You're done!

The Hem should be already done but if you're  unhappy with the length you can always raise the hem higher

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Cute Short Hairstyles

My hair is in the really long phase, the in the way phase, the always in a ponytail phase. On the other
hand though its in the glorious-when-its-done-phase haha. Im kinda in a love hate relationship with it now, I always do this when it gets this long so Im guessing pretty soon I'll do the drastic thing and chop it all off. Here are some fun, cute, short hair styles I've been swooning over, yes there is even an undercut lol

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