Monday, February 13, 2012

Sweet Valentines

Here's the Valentines Cards Emrey & I made. Well sort of....She started helping me and then only wanted to eat the gummy bears so I gave her a few in her own bag and set her on the couch to watch some cartoons. They were pretty simple and turned out fairly cute, they took about 30 minutes to throw together.

What You'll Need:
Graham Cracker Bunnies (such as Annie's Homegrown)
Gummy Bears
Sandwich Fold Over Baggies (not the zip kind)
Ribbon (if you dont have ribbon or want to use on hand items twist ties would work)
Hot Glue
Hole Puncher

Yields: 7 Bags
to double recipe just buy another box of Grahams and another bad of Gummies

Mix about a half cup of Bunnies and a handful of gummies into 7 sandwich bags
Cut paper to desired size (you can layer two colors of paper if you like) and write "Some" then hot glue your bunny on then write "loves you!"
I found it easier to glue as I was writing so there was enough spacing in between the two words.
Next hot glue the gummy bear then finish writing the rest of your card.
"Hugs from: "
Then hole punch the corner
Last cut some ribbon (around 7") and thread through the hole on the paper and tie tightly around the bad
of Gummies and Grahams

Ta-Da, Simple but pretty cute Valentine for your little one(s) to hand out tomorrow

Friday, February 10, 2012

A Quilt for My Daughter

 Isn't she a doll?
After doing my first quilt as a gift I just had to make one for my daughter.
I set out right away sketching out a drawing and figuring out measurements. I wanted it to fit her crib perfectly because I knew eventually her crib would be turned into a toddler bed and I didn't want her to outgrow it too fast. The original sketch was quite a bit different then the quilt turned out but when you design your own things that's one of the perks, you can adapt it as you're going along. I do wish I wouldn't have been such a penny-pincher and picked out a print or two specifically for this quilt instead of just working with what I had on hand but I'm still pretty satisfied.
Emrey loves it and you can tell that she knows that its her own, made just for her.

Here she is right after I finished machine binding it, she was a little excited. I dont know why but every blanket I have ever worked on she loves to crawl all over on the floor. It used to irritate me because I didn't want her to mess them up because usually they were baby gifts, but now I think its cute and expect it.
 Loosen up with your children who knows some things that annoy you now you might miss next year.

 I love how bright and crisp it looks, that's kinda why I think white in my quilts will be my staple. They just turn out looking clean and inviting when you use white, in my opinion.

Lisa is the one who did the quilting, and for those of you who don't know the "quilting" is the little designs that are stitched into the quilt with a special machine that's the size of most of your bathrooms.
When I tell people that I get them quilted by someone else they seem confused, like they think they stitched together the fabric pieces and put it all together, which is not the case. Most sewing machine cannot quilt themselves, you have to have a special machine called a long arm, to do it properly. I don't have one, but I do have an amazing fabric store in town that does it! I am really lucky to have found them, she does such an amazing job and is flat out an artist at what she does. In fact one of her quilts is going to be published in a magazine.

Here is a shot of the binding which is my least favorite part of making a quilt. Yaah for me though I found a short cut! Its called machine binding, which basically means no hand stiching! 
I doubt I will ever go back to hand stitching binding again. This took hours off my work time.

For the backing I wanted something really soft and cuddly for Emrey so I went with flannel. It is so soft and because of the quilting the back is not one bit boring but really lovely.
I cant say it was the quilt but the first night she slept with it she slept completely through the night which doesn't happen around here too often.
Who knows maybe it was the quilt :)

Shes the best fake sleeper poser ever 

Monday, February 06, 2012

Bunting, & A Sneak Peak At A Quilt

So I made this mini scalloped bunting today. I prolly whipped it out in 45 min, and I would have gotten it done a lot faster if my lame sewing machine wasn't giving me fits again. Correction: my lame needles! My machine kept skipping stitches and doing all sorts of crazy things so I switched the needle, then cleaned it out, and finally oiled it. If your machine is ever acting up try all of these until you get results, chances are its one of these. Well I will leave the brand nameless but I will say the biggest name in all of sewing has THE worst needles on the planet. This same thing has happened before and I was almost pulling my hair out frustrated because I couldn't figure out what was going on with my machine. A specialist in town figured it out and after changing the needle it worked like a champ. I guess this company isn't what it used to be in its golden years and has sold its name to someone else which is what I heard. And that my friends is why their product does not live up to their reputation anymore :( 
I'm done venting now. 
Well this bunting I did for my daughter because I now have playhouse fever!!!
Some people my husband knows moved into a house and there was a playhouse on the lot just falling apart and they have no children so they offered it up to my husband, who snatched it up right quick. He loves a good project, and I love him for it because me and our home reap the benefits. We haven't moved it up to our house yet but we will soooooon. I cannot wait, sorry dear followers of my Pinterest for your news feed being bombarded with playhouses, I just cant help myself, I am such a dreamer and imaginer. So yes I already made something for this playhouse that isn't even at our house yet! 
Until then it'll just have to do in my daughters room.

Here is a sneak peak at my daughters quilt. All that's left to do is the dreaded binding :(

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