Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend Bag

Self Drafted my own weekender bag. It is ginormous and I wish the picture could capture the size better. My suitcase broke so making my own was the logical think to do ha. 
It is nowhere near perfect but is exactly what I needed. 
I think I used a spool of thread on this sucker!
The blue fabric was given to me and the vintage fabric is actually an antique table cloth 
I purchased at an estate sale shown here   
I really love using unexpected pieces, they add so much. HERE
 is another vintage tablecloth project 

 straightening iron pocket :D works great

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mommy's Pick

I'm sure there are a lot of other moms out there that have a favorite childrens book that sticks out from the bunch. That one out of the ten that week they don't mind reading over and over, until the next visit to the Library. Whether it's the story or the illustrations there's usually atleast one I really enjoy.
I thought I would do a series this summer posting my stand out of the week. 

Here's this weeks
When My Baby Dreams
By Adele Enersen

The photos in this one were so enchanting. Real life Mama Adele makes stories around her daughter as she sleeps, they represent the dreams she imagines her baby having. My daughter loves babies so she really enjoyed it also. I also teared up reading the dedication to her daughter. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Yummy Way To Save @ Starbucks

You're reading that right. $1.95! 
That's pocket change really.
I found out about this "trick" from my sister, who can and will get anything for cheap, free, or marked down. When I still lived at home it embarrassed me but now  that it's my money im spending and not Daddy's I get it.
Here's how you can get a drink for that cheap.

1) You order whatever coffee they are brewing that day
2) you asked for it iced w/milk 
3) you pick whatever syrup you want, vanilla, caramel, peppermint, exct. 

That's it! You get a yummy iced coffee. Cheaper then the specialty "iced cafe vanilla" too. 

You're welcome 'Merica 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A New Tank Top

I'm trying to make more of Emrey's wardrobe this summer instead of buying online. Living in a small town this is your main option, and after S&H it can get costly. I find myself only wanting one or two things from three different stores and instead of paying $24 on shipping, (from 3 different places) I end up buying that 1 thing I want and buying a few more things that I just kinda like to make it worth it. 
I've heard the argument that sewing is more expensive then buying and for me that rarely is the case. Many of the notions I use my dad buys at auctions for me (see bottom below). Also some of my basic solid colors have been given to me by people unloading their excess fabric on me. I don't use a lot of solids but have been able to work them in here and there. 
I also draft a lot of my own patterns which for tank tops is very simple. 
Other clothing item are not always worth the hassle or your sanity! 
Here's some more pictures of my latest design :) 

The main fabric is by Free Spirit
Bodice is Kona Cotton
Straps Michael Miller (was on sale at for $6 <3 )

Monday, June 09, 2014

Zig Zag Quilt

This quilt began several years ago for my sweet baby nephew Ezra. His parents, to my husband and I's dismay never find out what they are having, so I tried my hardest to keep the quilt neutral. 
My nephew was born into Jesus's arms before I was finished with it. 
The blocks sat on my dining room table for a few months. I would walk by them and glance at them and be pained. 
I didn't know what to so with them and didn't want to put them away. Eventually I did and tried my best not to smudge the dust into the white blocks. 
God blessed my sister in law and brother in law with another baby.
During the pregnancy I took back out all the blocks and started sewing. (Still not knowing if this baby was a boy or girl)
Fighting through my procrastination I was able to give it to my nephew when he was a few months old. I never got around to taking photos but this past weekend my son borrowed it while we stayed over. :) Here are a few photos I snapped. 

It's no where near perfect, the binding job is laughable, and the quilter totally didn't do what I asked but so much love went into it. 

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Top to Tunic Upcycle

I up cycled this faded glory little girl walmart shirt. I believe they were $3.somthing.

Top to Tunic (sorta) Tutorial

Here is a sloppy no pictures added tutorial. Its so simple and someone was asking about how to do them I thought I would just give an overview. It should make since after reading through it. If not feel free to ask questions in the comments!

Before cutting off two inches below the armpit line of the pre-made shirt I laid my fabric ontop of the shirt. 
Then cut the bottom of your fabric off 3 inch below the bottom of the shirt and left two inches to the side of the shirt (all this with my fabric folded in half so that there was only one seam on the side, like a book).
So basically your (folded in half) fabric will be 3" longer then your pre made shirt measurements and 2 inches wider.
Ruffle stitched the top of your fabric, stitched right side of your ruffled fabric to the right sides of shirt, folded up ontop of the shirt.
Stitched the side seam
Then fold down fabric so it resembles finished product, pictured above.
Then top stitched the shirt where the fabric was sewn on so it would lay flat.
Add a pocket or any other embelishments you want. 
Lastly fold the bottom of the fabric under twice to create a 1/4" hem. 

I had this done in like 30 min. 
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