Monday, September 30, 2013


The curtains in the nursery are finished! Yah! I love crossing things off my "list" because that means I can quit obsessively thinking about it and pinning a hundred thousand ideas that pertain to whatever the latest "thing" on my list is. Ahhhh
Much better

Really the whole idea from these curtains came from the bottom camping fabric. It's from the Big Sur line from Birch Organics. I actually don't know why I even bothered mentioning that because it's impossible to get this print. I pinned it like a year ago (pre pregnancy) and loved it then by the time I could use it it was basically no where to be found. After a long search I did finally find a half yard on an etsy shop. They had a half yard left after what I bought. 
I was originally thinking a burnt orange would look awesome with it but again back to the cheap thing. You see someone have me a bag of fabric and patterns about. A month ago and the more I looked at this thick navy blue fabric the more I thought I should just use it instead of spending like $30 on yards and yards of fabric. I'm not super crazy with them but I'm loving them more and more every time I walk into the nursery just to scowl/pick them apart haha.

Here are some of the ways I thought of making them. I'm super visual so I laid all the options out and took pic of them. 

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 3 won. 

I need to press them but I doubt I ever will...

Ps sorry about the quality of the photos I've gotten super lazy lately and just use my phone 


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