Monday, August 29, 2011

Tai Chicken Salad

photo source: Taste of Home
So my new obsession is Asian Salads, I just cant get enough of them!
Im really not a huge salad person so that shows you how good they are. I love how easy they
are and how with meat they make a whole meal, no sides necessary.
This weekend while garage sale-ing I came across a bunch of "Taste Of Home" magazines for free, this recipe immediatly caught my eye.
Tai Chicken Salald
It worked out so great for a saturday lunch, I just hate spending the weekends cooking the whole time so an easy recipe is always welcome. This one definatley hit the mark!
I used Krafts "Asian Toasted Sesame Dressing" which is soo yummy

Friday, August 19, 2011

New Fabric: Such Endless Possibilities

So I was on a walk today and walked right up to an estate sale. I love estate sales, when you get over that an elderly person either died or got put into a nursing home, theyre nice. You can usually find great sewing things. The last one I went to (I also was walking and came acrossed it too) I bought a basket full of thread spools and buttons for like $1. The facric I got today I think is supposed to be a table cloth.  I have some better plans for this puppy though and for only 25 cents I cant mess up. Its so 1950 I love it. I  bought the softest, oldest, warn out quilt ever, also. Its so pretty, its mostly white with some really light colored star blocks. I love it, i should have taken a photo of it and put it up also. Oh well, im too lazy. Im thinking a skirt for me out of this fabric, what do you think? A dress, with the top part made out of red fabric, or a skirt for my little one, a hobo bag, or mabey a childs blanket?

Help me out, what would you do with this?

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Go Ahead & Do It

1) "Elastic Band Empire Waist Dress" By: Smashed Peas and Carrots
2)"Ice Cream Social Skirt" By: iCandy Handmade
3) "Simple Summer Dress" By: While They Snooze
4)"Full Gathered Skirt" By Gerties New Blog for Better Sewing


I did not make one thing for myself when I first started sewing. Everything was always for someone else. Which I really enjoyed doing dont get me wrong, but it seems like the things we are good or best at doing we reserve for others. For example my husband absolutely loves my Strawberry Lemonade, Fruit Pizza, and many other of my special meals/ treats but the only time I make those special things are for when im taking them to other places. I guess because im best at them I save making them for special occasions. I really shouldnt do that, I should make them more often then I do, like during the week for no particular reason. Sewing has been that way for me, I make special things for my daughter or for a gift for friends and family. In June I finally did something for myself and now i've sewn 3 or 4 things for myself, and its been realy nice. I dont think im being selfish at all, I think im just treating myself a little and becoming more deliberate in makeing sure I skim a little off the top for me. If you have never done anything for yourself for whatever reason try creating one of these little numbers just for you. I very purposely picked simple and easy projects so you have no excuse :)
Come On
Go Ahead & Do It!

"Tube Top Summer Dress"
See its fun making things for yourself!
I made this without a pattern in about an hour. The fabric was only $1.50
per yard! I firgured this dress with all the material and elastic cast less then $4 to make!
Sorry for the bad Photo my camera died so I had to use my cell and my hubbs was gone so I had
to use a mirror :)
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