Friday, November 15, 2013

About Me

Hey everyone glad you could drop by! I just realized that I didn't have an "About Me" section, which kinda makes it difficult to figure out who the heck I am without sifting through years of posts and getting small snippets here and there. So I'll try and give you an overview, I get curious on others blogs that I've enjoyed so I'll divulge.
For starters I'm the one in the middle :D
I'm 25
Very blessed and married.
Working on my 3rd baby, due in December, a boy (my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage)
A proud Kansan.
A self taught sewer. I learned 3 years ago by watching youtube and reading tutorials by bloggers.
Love to cook and eat. Nothing fancy. Just food, real food.
Health Fanatics/Work out fanatics drive me nuts. I feel like its such a waste of a Life. Eat healthy normal sized portions of food you cooked yourself and dont sit around all day, its that simple. My husband and I look great simply because of that. Not because we only eat organic or post about the gym everyday.
I love the Lord. I mess up a lot. I drift a lot. The Lord chases me anyways and sometimes I slow down enough to notice. There is never a time I remember not knowing who God was.
When I start a project I 90% of the time must finish it right a stinking way or I get the twitches haha jk but seriously.
I'm getting better.
I am an assistant for Lilac Lane Patterns. I do this from home a little each day during nap time.
When I'm feeling naughty I order my Starbucks Breve.


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