Monday, November 25, 2013

Camera Strap Cover Tutorial

As of yesterday I'm officially 9 months pregnant! 

I have 26 (+/-) days until I meet my son. Needless to say I've been keepin myself busy, I think in an attempt to occupy my mind so the days don't draaaag on. Since starting sewing this is defiantly the most I have ever sewn. I'm doing something everyday or every other day. A tunic for my daughter, a fabric storage bin, patches on my Hubbs pants (which I never do), a pair of baby pj pants. If you follow me on Instagram you already know that though haha. (my name on there is audriellew) 
So today while I was thinking about the things I should put in my hospital bag and remembered my camera I decided it was time to sew a camera strap cover for  it. I've wanted to for like 2 years but today I finally got around to it. Refer back to the keeping myself busy part.
 So after looking on Pinterest I came across this tutorial by Sew Caroline  

It was a fast and easy sew, which is basically the only kind I do haha. 
I did alter it to include an elastic strap for holding my lens cover so I can quit holding it in my front teeth while I take photos haha. I didn't use interfacing either, I just used some thick material I had on hand. Also the Pom Pom flower I made to be detachable by just securing it with a safety pin. I can see it getting dirty fast. Here's my "No Sew Pom Pom Tutorial" also.

Happy sewing!


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