Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Nursery Peg Board Organizer

I love how this organizer turned out. I love being organized and this really fits the bill for my nursery as far as that goes. The funnest (have we decided if that's a word or not yet?) part was screwing it to the wall without power tools! Yah! That doesn't take 50x as long haha. My problem with projects are when they pop into my head I make them happen right away, not waiting. I saw the peg board baskets at Walmart and this project came to mind and I immediately went to my hardware store and bought peg board and had them cut it to size. Once I got home I was putting it on the wall haha. No waiting until my husband got home (with a drill) to do it. 

It goes along with his nursery really well and will be great for storing pacies, socks, and whatever else. It's also nic because hardware stores have about 100 different hooks and things to add to your peg board.

Hope you're inspired to make your own for your craft room, or whatever room you need more storage in! 


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