Thursday, July 28, 2011


All from when we were young(er)

Our love story is not the typical kind. We didnt meet in college, you didnt ask me out the moment you saw me for the first time, and we didnt have the easist start. I wouldnt change one thing about it!  I dont even like to wonder, im afraid that if one thing had been different we wouldnt be were we are today. I wouldnt have all that I have with you if it hadnt happened the way it did.

The Start

  You were just some cute, scrawny sophmore transfer student, with the best onrey grin when we first met. All I thought about was you, I loved walking past you in the halls. I loved your mean teasing, I loved the way you smerked at me. I loved that you were the first person to make me blush, a thing I didnt even know I could do before you. I loved that it took you two minutes of our noses rubbing to finally lean all the way in for a quick kiss. Oh I just loved YOU.
   You transfered back to your old school and my heart sank when I saw you grabbing your things from shop class. When I finally saw you again as a Senior, I knew you wouldnt ask me out. We flirted that whole basketball game and I couldnt believe I was seeing you agin, I couldnt believe you were teasing me again. I got brazen, I didnt care, I had to date you. I asked you for your number and you wouldnt give it to me, you thought I was teasing you. I asked again, again, and again, until I got those 10 digits that I was absolutley dying for. We met up that saturday in March of 2006, for a date and I climbed into that pickup with you and I swear I never got out. Every second after that you have been all I have thought about.

  When you asked me to marry you I knew it was forever. I remember not caring one bit about the wedding. Your sisters who were trying to help me would ask about a certain flower or fabric to decorate with, my reply was always the same, "whatever you think." All I cared about was walking out of that sanctuary with your last name. I still cherish it, and hope that I bring it honor and never bring it shame. I love you dear, I pray  you understand why when it comes to us I wouldnt change a thing.

  I still love you for your onery boyish smile, but I love you even more for the man that you've grown into. Your so strong, and the bravest man alive. You have such integrity and I respect you so much for that. Thank you for working so hard all the time for your family, thank you for being such a great, loveing Father.  Thank you for all those second chances, thank you for giving me our daughter.
Happy Four Year Anniversary!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beginners Full Skirt

So this is the first piece of clothing I had ever sewn for myself. I think this was the beginning of June, my old camera was broke at the time so I just had my Hubbs take a photo on his Driod. Im not really sure why and dont have a good excuse why it  took me so long to do this post but it did. Anyways like I was saying earlier this was the first thing I had ever sewn for myself. Adult clothing was just really intimidating to me, the beginning seamstress. I just was comfortable sewing itty bitty numbers for a baby, I guess because they were smaller I thought they were just easier. Guess again, I saw the tutorial for this skirt and I just had to do it. It looked sooo easy and fairly cute! It was easy & it was cute! Mission accomplished, it was a sucess. Now I only want to sew for myself  >:)   I want to be a little more like her!

Only because my daughters closet is full, AND I dont want to be that wife that makes dorky things for her husband that he prentends to like but doesnt wear (unless hes "reminded" about them).  If you want to be a little more selfish endulge yourself with the tutorial for this skirt. Just click the link below. Have fun!

*Note: I did take several inches off, after getting it all sewn up I realized it was a VERY full skirt! Like "meet me at the big top" full. I probably took off 10 inches. I also added 4 or 5 inches because im a little on the tall side, not a necessity.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Check It Out

          My beautiful cousin just started her own blog and you should go check it out
     If you like what you see become a follower of it, or better yet do yourself
 a favor and treat yourself to something you deserve it  :)
She is just starting out and your support is very appriciated.

"Easiest Adult Clothing You Will EVER Sew"

 I know that is one strong statement but I wholeheartedly believe it! This peice seriously should take around 5-15 minutes of sewing AND cutting. That is cool huh? I was feeling really down two days ago, really down. I've always been very insecure like most women, unfortunately I think mine at times is a little stronger  then normal. I just felt very unhappy with how I looked and extremely ugly. So ugly that I wanted to cry, hard. I know that looks arent all that matter but its hard to tell that to someone who isnt pretty or doesnt feel pretty. Its so hard to explain what I was feeling and I feel kind of silly talking about it but im thinking I cant be the only one. I just felt such a deep, deep pain. Im sure some wont understand when they see pictures of me they'll probably be confused like "uh this women is and average looking girl what she whinning about" but I wasnt always this way.
 Up until 6th grade I had a speech impediment, which made it hard to make very many friends. It also made me really insecure, especially meeting new people, I couldnt even say my name right because of it. I always had clothing from the thrift store and was extremly skinny and got called names like bean pole and things like that. (Wow this post is not going where I thought it was going, sorry for the downer.) When I got older the names changed, someone once referred to me when I was an 8th grader or freshman as a "Brownbagger" and for those of you who dont know what that is its too crude to explain. So needless to say I have some selfesteem issues that me and God are still working out. I really have to keep in check what life is all about and when I was younger I would dress immodest thinking that that is what made a women attractive. It doesnt, it just makes her look like shes trying too hard and has low standards.

"Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear— but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God's sight is very precious." -1 Peter 3:3-4 

"She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come." -Proverbs 31:25
I realize that this verse isnt talking at all about clothing but dressing immodest or even too costly is not being wrapped with strength or dignity, its more like being draped in shame and shows the world what you think your worth is. Your saying that you are only beautiful in $100 dollar pair of jeans or people will only look at you if you bare half your chest.

No one could have fixed what I was feeling other then me.  So what I did was grabbed a Tshirt my husband had grumpily threw on the bed ealier that day stateing that it fit dumb. I made that shirt into a very feminine "Blondie Top" that is very flattering. As soon as I started making it I felt way better, and as soon as I put it on I felt completly better.
I felt Pretty.


"10 Minute Blondie Top Tutorial"

What You'll Need:

Medium or Large mens knit Tshirt
Scissors or Rotary Blade
Sewing machine

Step 1) Lay shirt flat
Step 2) Cut in a straight line from bottom of shirt
to arm area.  Depending on your size make the cut 5 inches  inward from the side of shirt

Step 3) Using a diagnol cut, cut a straight line from the side to 3 inches in from the shoulder
Step 4) cut remaining sleeve off
Step 5) Sew the side together, when finished sewing turn inside out and viola. Done.
 Edges dont have to be finished because knit does not unravel.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Fun Scrunchy Tank Top

So I just finished this tank top and I really am happy with it. The pattern is all my own making, straight out of my head. Sadly enough it was inspired by the bachelorette. I know that show is very lame and super dooper cheezy. She always dresses ubber immodest and leaves nothing to the imagination.  The inspiration for this top came from one of those dresses she wore and I cringed at.  This is the dress here  If you scroll down the the page to the bottom you'll see it. Its a very light blue and has beading. The only part of the dress I liked other then the color was how the top chest part was all sinched up and almost pleated. Sooo  I thought I would challenge myself and design a tank top with a sinched chest. I most definitely closed up the chest gap and wore a tank underneath it. I am happy with myself and feel acomplished with myself steeping up to the challenge of designing my own clothes. I am even more proud that I didnt just write down the pattern and never do it :) I think you sewers know what im talking about

While I was taking pictures of myself my 1 year old just thought it was the silliest thing ever. Everytime I smiled at the camera and the alarm and shutter went off she got the biggest grin and would chuckle a little. So I just thought she should be in one and feel as insecure as I did looking at an inanimate object and smiling. She must of thought it wasnt as funny from this vantage point :) Shes such a doll.
If you would like a more detailed instruction on how to make this leave a comment below with your email address, I would be happy to.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

1st Birthday - Orange & Pink Theme

I loved this dress and cupcake birthday hat!
Its my favorite brand Mud Pie, I bought it from HERE

Sorry It was very shady under the gazebo. I was trying to take care of other things so I didnt really have time to mess with the camera functions.
Martha Stewart Pom Pom Tutorial

For this Month By Month Banner I simply just printed off the photos on and
picked them up an hour later. I then did 2 hole punches one inch from both
corners of the photo and looped my orange ribbon through them.
On each photo on card stock paper I stamped the month and cut it out and simply
taped it to the photo. It was very cute on the cake table

NomNomNom. I love Ice Cream Cake so much, its such a must for me. Almost up there with
 Dillons Grocery Store Cupcakes! 
What makes a good Ice Cream Cake to me its haveing both Ice Cream AND Cake in it.
That is the whole point of the name right.
Sorry I take this really seriously. Everyone is such a fan of Dairy Queen Cakes and Im like
 "Uhh people its just ice cream with some oreos"
I dont get why people get so hocked up about them. Point being I wanted cake
in mine and since I decided I was going to make it
that is exactly what was in Emreys cake. :) I find the weirdest things to have such strong opinions on. :) It was a very simple cake and looks fantastic. To make it easier on yourself just use ice cream then there isnt even
baking involved! The extra nice part about it is you can make it up to like a month ahead!!!
Just click the Ice Cream Cake link

For the table runner I used cheap .01 cent a roll streamers that I bought off I just double side taped it to the plastic table covers I bought at Walmart.
Very Simple

She loved it...and thats what really is the whole point of the day. Remember that!

I also made a Pinata. It was fairly simple but also fairly messy. It was probably the funnest part of the
Party for the little kids. To decorate it I simply just cute tissue paper into quarters so I had smaller rectangles.
I then pinched the center of the small rectangle and put a dallop of hot glue on it and pressed it into the Pinata.
I did this over and over until I had it completly covered. This took about ten sheets of tissue paper
Pinata Tutorial- WhiMSy Love

Friday, July 01, 2011

New Quilt Top

After making my first quilt the Stacked Coin Baby Quilt I got a little quilt crazy. I obsessively started looking up fabrics and trying to figure out what color scheme I would do next, looking at different quiting patterns and so on. I finally decided that I should really just do a quilt for my baby, I mean I already had enough scraps for one. That my friend is a heck of a lot cheaper then buying all new kinds. So I got to work and drew out a pattern and design I wanted and I am really happy with it.


I  just dropped it off today to get the design quilted into it, which I decided will be a staggered scalloped design. I am so excited! I made it to actually fit my daughters crib mattress, and when shes older and it turns into a toddler bed it will still fit. Now that is what we call planning :) When I get it back and basted (man that is seriously the lamest part) I'll make sure and put some finished pictures up. If you want the diminsions or have any questions just leave a comment below.
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