Friday, July 01, 2011

New Quilt Top

After making my first quilt the Stacked Coin Baby Quilt I got a little quilt crazy. I obsessively started looking up fabrics and trying to figure out what color scheme I would do next, looking at different quiting patterns and so on. I finally decided that I should really just do a quilt for my baby, I mean I already had enough scraps for one. That my friend is a heck of a lot cheaper then buying all new kinds. So I got to work and drew out a pattern and design I wanted and I am really happy with it.


I  just dropped it off today to get the design quilted into it, which I decided will be a staggered scalloped design. I am so excited! I made it to actually fit my daughters crib mattress, and when shes older and it turns into a toddler bed it will still fit. Now that is what we call planning :) When I get it back and basted (man that is seriously the lamest part) I'll make sure and put some finished pictures up. If you want the diminsions or have any questions just leave a comment below.


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