Saturday, July 09, 2011

1st Birthday - Orange & Pink Theme

I loved this dress and cupcake birthday hat!
Its my favorite brand Mud Pie, I bought it from HERE

Sorry It was very shady under the gazebo. I was trying to take care of other things so I didnt really have time to mess with the camera functions.
Martha Stewart Pom Pom Tutorial

For this Month By Month Banner I simply just printed off the photos on and
picked them up an hour later. I then did 2 hole punches one inch from both
corners of the photo and looped my orange ribbon through them.
On each photo on card stock paper I stamped the month and cut it out and simply
taped it to the photo. It was very cute on the cake table

NomNomNom. I love Ice Cream Cake so much, its such a must for me. Almost up there with
 Dillons Grocery Store Cupcakes! 
What makes a good Ice Cream Cake to me its haveing both Ice Cream AND Cake in it.
That is the whole point of the name right.
Sorry I take this really seriously. Everyone is such a fan of Dairy Queen Cakes and Im like
 "Uhh people its just ice cream with some oreos"
I dont get why people get so hocked up about them. Point being I wanted cake
in mine and since I decided I was going to make it
that is exactly what was in Emreys cake. :) I find the weirdest things to have such strong opinions on. :) It was a very simple cake and looks fantastic. To make it easier on yourself just use ice cream then there isnt even
baking involved! The extra nice part about it is you can make it up to like a month ahead!!!
Just click the Ice Cream Cake link

For the table runner I used cheap .01 cent a roll streamers that I bought off I just double side taped it to the plastic table covers I bought at Walmart.
Very Simple

She loved it...and thats what really is the whole point of the day. Remember that!

I also made a Pinata. It was fairly simple but also fairly messy. It was probably the funnest part of the
Party for the little kids. To decorate it I simply just cute tissue paper into quarters so I had smaller rectangles.
I then pinched the center of the small rectangle and put a dallop of hot glue on it and pressed it into the Pinata.
I did this over and over until I had it completly covered. This took about ten sheets of tissue paper
Pinata Tutorial- WhiMSy Love


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