Monday, May 09, 2011

My First Quilt!

I FINALLY finished it! My Stacked Coin Baby Quilt is done! I pretty much LOVE it. When I started I literally had no idea what I was doing, with that being said im thinking that this is why I love it soo much. I usually pick apart every flaw in the projects I do, but with this I just cut myself some slack. I should really do that more often. I do still see the flaws in it but im not kicking myself over them. Im just so thankful for all the resources there are out there for people who are just starting out in quilting. If you put tutorials or advice up for others, thank you  soo much for what you do!
Heres some of the sites if you decided you can do this! Or mabey if you want to become more knowledgeable in this area.

Sew Mama Sew
Scroll 1/2 way down the page and there is a bunch of information on quilting, from start to finish!

Stacked Coin Baby Quilt Tutorial
Thanks "Moda Bake Shop"!

How to Baste A Quilt
"Crazy Mom Quilts" shows how to put the "stuffing" inside your quilt

How To Bind A Quilt
Again "Crazy Mom Quilts" shows us how to bind a quilt
(its the wrapping on the very edge of the quilt)

How To Bind A Quilt
This time its shown mostly all in photos. This helped me ALOT!

All in all it wasnt as hard as what I thought it would be. Im so glad I took on this challenge. I found that binding the quilt was the hardest and most intimidating. ALthough cutting the peices was really time consuming, which I wasnt expecting at all. What do you think is the most challenging part of quilting? Are you wanting to quilt but just afraid you wont be able to figure it out? Comment below, let me know.

The baby I made it for is going to look so good in it :)


  1. Of course you pretty much love it - it looks FANTASTIC! Actually, I pretty much love it, too. Quilting is probably the one thing I have absolutely no patience for, but wish I did. I'm very jealous of you.

    Hey, by the way, thanks for dropping by my blog today - you are my TENTH follower, so you are special!


    PS. Your little one is ADORABLE!


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