Monday, July 11, 2011

Fun Scrunchy Tank Top

So I just finished this tank top and I really am happy with it. The pattern is all my own making, straight out of my head. Sadly enough it was inspired by the bachelorette. I know that show is very lame and super dooper cheezy. She always dresses ubber immodest and leaves nothing to the imagination.  The inspiration for this top came from one of those dresses she wore and I cringed at.  This is the dress here  If you scroll down the the page to the bottom you'll see it. Its a very light blue and has beading. The only part of the dress I liked other then the color was how the top chest part was all sinched up and almost pleated. Sooo  I thought I would challenge myself and design a tank top with a sinched chest. I most definitely closed up the chest gap and wore a tank underneath it. I am happy with myself and feel acomplished with myself steeping up to the challenge of designing my own clothes. I am even more proud that I didnt just write down the pattern and never do it :) I think you sewers know what im talking about

While I was taking pictures of myself my 1 year old just thought it was the silliest thing ever. Everytime I smiled at the camera and the alarm and shutter went off she got the biggest grin and would chuckle a little. So I just thought she should be in one and feel as insecure as I did looking at an inanimate object and smiling. She must of thought it wasnt as funny from this vantage point :) Shes such a doll.
If you would like a more detailed instruction on how to make this leave a comment below with your email address, I would be happy to.


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