Thursday, July 28, 2011


All from when we were young(er)

Our love story is not the typical kind. We didnt meet in college, you didnt ask me out the moment you saw me for the first time, and we didnt have the easist start. I wouldnt change one thing about it!  I dont even like to wonder, im afraid that if one thing had been different we wouldnt be were we are today. I wouldnt have all that I have with you if it hadnt happened the way it did.

The Start

  You were just some cute, scrawny sophmore transfer student, with the best onrey grin when we first met. All I thought about was you, I loved walking past you in the halls. I loved your mean teasing, I loved the way you smerked at me. I loved that you were the first person to make me blush, a thing I didnt even know I could do before you. I loved that it took you two minutes of our noses rubbing to finally lean all the way in for a quick kiss. Oh I just loved YOU.
   You transfered back to your old school and my heart sank when I saw you grabbing your things from shop class. When I finally saw you again as a Senior, I knew you wouldnt ask me out. We flirted that whole basketball game and I couldnt believe I was seeing you agin, I couldnt believe you were teasing me again. I got brazen, I didnt care, I had to date you. I asked you for your number and you wouldnt give it to me, you thought I was teasing you. I asked again, again, and again, until I got those 10 digits that I was absolutley dying for. We met up that saturday in March of 2006, for a date and I climbed into that pickup with you and I swear I never got out. Every second after that you have been all I have thought about.

  When you asked me to marry you I knew it was forever. I remember not caring one bit about the wedding. Your sisters who were trying to help me would ask about a certain flower or fabric to decorate with, my reply was always the same, "whatever you think." All I cared about was walking out of that sanctuary with your last name. I still cherish it, and hope that I bring it honor and never bring it shame. I love you dear, I pray  you understand why when it comes to us I wouldnt change a thing.

  I still love you for your onery boyish smile, but I love you even more for the man that you've grown into. Your so strong, and the bravest man alive. You have such integrity and I respect you so much for that. Thank you for working so hard all the time for your family, thank you for being such a great, loveing Father.  Thank you for all those second chances, thank you for giving me our daughter.
Happy Four Year Anniversary!


  1. No joke, that brought tears to my eyes! Happy anniversary!

  2. aww thanks! It had a happy ending dont cry :)
    this was our best anniversary yet!
    ps lovin your blog!


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