Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beginners Full Skirt

So this is the first piece of clothing I had ever sewn for myself. I think this was the beginning of June, my old camera was broke at the time so I just had my Hubbs take a photo on his Driod. Im not really sure why and dont have a good excuse why it  took me so long to do this post but it did. Anyways like I was saying earlier this was the first thing I had ever sewn for myself. Adult clothing was just really intimidating to me, the beginning seamstress. I just was comfortable sewing itty bitty numbers for a baby, I guess because they were smaller I thought they were just easier. Guess again, I saw the tutorial for this skirt and I just had to do it. It looked sooo easy and fairly cute! It was easy & it was cute! Mission accomplished, it was a sucess. Now I only want to sew for myself  >:)   I want to be a little more like her!

Only because my daughters closet is full, AND I dont want to be that wife that makes dorky things for her husband that he prentends to like but doesnt wear (unless hes "reminded" about them).  If you want to be a little more selfish endulge yourself with the tutorial for this skirt. Just click the link below. Have fun!

*Note: I did take several inches off, after getting it all sewn up I realized it was a VERY full skirt! Like "meet me at the big top" full. I probably took off 10 inches. I also added 4 or 5 inches because im a little on the tall side, not a necessity.


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