Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tutorial: Pom Pom Flower Headband


or my first tutorial ever I picked a fairly fast and easy item. It should only take around 15 minutes, with most of the time being spend on cutting. I decided on a Pom Pom flower, which I will be attaching to a homemade headband. However you can attach this to anything, pin it in your hair, on your tanktop sleeve, or on a string of pearls. Well i hope you have fun, let me know what you think. If you do this tutorial it would be super cool if you took pictures of how you decided to use your creation. Here are the items you will need for a Pom Pom flower Headband:
  • Gluegun
  • gluestick
  • scrap fabric
  • felt or some type of heavyweight fabric (color doesnt matter, petals will cover it)
  • pencil
  • something round to trace, (spice lids work well) around 1-2 inches
  • scissors 
  • elastic band (i used 3/4 width) available in the craft/sewing section

Take your lid and lightly trace in pencil 20-30 circles on the fabric color of your choice.
 Use pencil because your marks may show
up on the edges of your "petals".
Plug in your glue gun so it will be warmed up and ready to go :)

Now cut out your the circles you traced, circles dont have to be perfect.
Cut out an extra circle in felt around the same size as the circles you traced.

Now take one circle and fold completly in half, now fold in  a quarter, like so.

Squeeze glue on the tip of the petal and secure to center of your base (felt circle).
Hold until secure, around 5-10 seconds.
Repeat. Work from center of the base outward. Like so.
Go until base is covered completly.

 Measure your head. Cut elastic 1/4 inch longer. bring ends of elastic together and overlap them 1/4 inch. Secure with generous dallop of glue, hold toether for 10 seconds. Squeeze glue ontop of overlap and secure finished, assembled Pom Pom to elastic band. Press down tightly for 10 seconds. Word of advise give the headband some time to dry before trieng it on. Wait about 30 min to give your glue some time to completly dry and be a strong adhesive.


Now finally put on something cute! Hope you enjoyed. Let me now if you have any questions or comments, Thanks!


  1. Audrey! I love it! I have been thinking of doing a craft blog for a while, just don't have the time! I love the headband, just need a baby girl to put it on! Baby girl is getting SO BIG! and CUTE!

  2. uh yeah you def. should i would love it. your sooo stinking craft and always have such great ideas! thanks. ps you dont have to have a little girl you can make one for you :)

  3. Love it, Aud...
    I will be checking in often and stealing more of your ideas! I'm super excited to be inspired. (Maybe I'll actually COMPLETE some of these projects!) Ems looks absolutley ADORABLE (even without the cutesy headband of course)! Can't wait for more.


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