Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Top to Tunic Upcycle

I up cycled this faded glory little girl walmart shirt. I believe they were $3.somthing.

Top to Tunic (sorta) Tutorial

Here is a sloppy no pictures added tutorial. Its so simple and someone was asking about how to do them I thought I would just give an overview. It should make since after reading through it. If not feel free to ask questions in the comments!

Before cutting off two inches below the armpit line of the pre-made shirt I laid my fabric ontop of the shirt. 
Then cut the bottom of your fabric off 3 inch below the bottom of the shirt and left two inches to the side of the shirt (all this with my fabric folded in half so that there was only one seam on the side, like a book).
So basically your (folded in half) fabric will be 3" longer then your pre made shirt measurements and 2 inches wider.
Ruffle stitched the top of your fabric, stitched right side of your ruffled fabric to the right sides of shirt, folded up ontop of the shirt.
Stitched the side seam
Then fold down fabric so it resembles finished product, pictured above.
Then top stitched the shirt where the fabric was sewn on so it would lay flat.
Add a pocket or any other embelishments you want. 
Lastly fold the bottom of the fabric under twice to create a 1/4" hem. 

I had this done in like 30 min. 


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