Monday, June 09, 2014

Zig Zag Quilt

This quilt began several years ago for my sweet baby nephew Ezra. His parents, to my husband and I's dismay never find out what they are having, so I tried my hardest to keep the quilt neutral. 
My nephew was born into Jesus's arms before I was finished with it. 
The blocks sat on my dining room table for a few months. I would walk by them and glance at them and be pained. 
I didn't know what to so with them and didn't want to put them away. Eventually I did and tried my best not to smudge the dust into the white blocks. 
God blessed my sister in law and brother in law with another baby.
During the pregnancy I took back out all the blocks and started sewing. (Still not knowing if this baby was a boy or girl)
Fighting through my procrastination I was able to give it to my nephew when he was a few months old. I never got around to taking photos but this past weekend my son borrowed it while we stayed over. :) Here are a few photos I snapped. 

It's no where near perfect, the binding job is laughable, and the quilter totally didn't do what I asked but so much love went into it. 


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