Friday, August 19, 2011

New Fabric: Such Endless Possibilities

So I was on a walk today and walked right up to an estate sale. I love estate sales, when you get over that an elderly person either died or got put into a nursing home, theyre nice. You can usually find great sewing things. The last one I went to (I also was walking and came acrossed it too) I bought a basket full of thread spools and buttons for like $1. The facric I got today I think is supposed to be a table cloth.  I have some better plans for this puppy though and for only 25 cents I cant mess up. Its so 1950 I love it. I  bought the softest, oldest, warn out quilt ever, also. Its so pretty, its mostly white with some really light colored star blocks. I love it, i should have taken a photo of it and put it up also. Oh well, im too lazy. Im thinking a skirt for me out of this fabric, what do you think? A dress, with the top part made out of red fabric, or a skirt for my little one, a hobo bag, or mabey a childs blanket?

Help me out, what would you do with this?


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