Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Blog Posts That Inspire Me

Heres a few of the blog posts ive read that have really spoken to me or have stayed with me after reading them. I hope you all can be inspired also. PS there is a post I cant find that I love, hopefully eventually I can add it to this list!

NieNie Dialogues
Her profile reads:
"I am: Returning from a near-fatal airplane crash, burned 80% of my body, and will have surgeries for the rest of my life. Probably. But I am alive..."

The Paper Mama
One woman's near death experience, birth story. Its like something out of a horror story. And I thought MINE was crazy

Joys Hope
One woman's still born and miscarriage(s) story. Her faith is inspiring.

Facing The Mountain
A great story about a South African Widow, told by a missionary
"After all they had prayed that our God would provide for their needs and he did just that. Hallelujah! But the mother took half of the food they had just received... "

Here For The Ride
One of my friends who is a christian radio DJ's, "born again" story


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