Monday, February 13, 2012

Sweet Valentines

Here's the Valentines Cards Emrey & I made. Well sort of....She started helping me and then only wanted to eat the gummy bears so I gave her a few in her own bag and set her on the couch to watch some cartoons. They were pretty simple and turned out fairly cute, they took about 30 minutes to throw together.

What You'll Need:
Graham Cracker Bunnies (such as Annie's Homegrown)
Gummy Bears
Sandwich Fold Over Baggies (not the zip kind)
Ribbon (if you dont have ribbon or want to use on hand items twist ties would work)
Hot Glue
Hole Puncher

Yields: 7 Bags
to double recipe just buy another box of Grahams and another bad of Gummies

Mix about a half cup of Bunnies and a handful of gummies into 7 sandwich bags
Cut paper to desired size (you can layer two colors of paper if you like) and write "Some" then hot glue your bunny on then write "loves you!"
I found it easier to glue as I was writing so there was enough spacing in between the two words.
Next hot glue the gummy bear then finish writing the rest of your card.
"Hugs from: "
Then hole punch the corner
Last cut some ribbon (around 7") and thread through the hole on the paper and tie tightly around the bad
of Gummies and Grahams

Ta-Da, Simple but pretty cute Valentine for your little one(s) to hand out tomorrow


  1. Awwww, love it! Soo cute! Sadly though, I don't think bunny graham crackers are available in Australia (we should not be dubbed Down Under, but Far Behind!) x

  2. haha thats stinks, i would feel sorry for you but uhhh you live in AUSTRALIA! :) haha just kidding. It looks so beautiful in pictures. You could totally change the message and just do bear hugs from... instead. you have tons of time to figure it out until next year :)
    ps your little teaser of showing your kids bunnies legs you were working on made me get off my butt and make my daughter one :) thank you!


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