Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cheap DIY iPhone Cover

So I used this tutorial for this iPhone skin from

I already had the scrap-booking paper so all i had to do was buy the clear cover. I found one on amazon for $6!
I just never got a case for months and months because I thought that the only cases out there were $30+.
Heres the Amazon link to the 4S version of what I got.
Hope you all enjoy, its simple and fast, only took me around 4 minutes to make. 
I really love how there is no commitment to it, it you get sick of looking at it you pop off the cover, take the paper out and put a new piece of paper in.  Ohhh a photo would look nice in there too!


  1. you said it jk i have no idea what that says....i think its spam though unless the real tory burch is on my site looking lol


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