Thursday, March 22, 2012

Denver, My Favorite City

Piatti Restaurant 
190 Saint Paul St, Denver, CO 

When you come in they grab a glass bottle of water for your table and pour you a glass
I thought that was really cool and made sense, I mean you don't have to wait for 
a waitress to come refill you and it looks really cool and different.

Here was our app and the bread was wonderful. My husband who is like most men just says
"that's good," or grunts approval but when he tried these he said, "wow this tastes like a garden."
It did too, it all seemed very fresh, it kept making me think of how much my SIL Amie would
love this place.

I think this was our second bowl of was just me and my husband. We had to ask our really sweet, knowledgeable waitress Wendy to not bring us anymore. It came with  an olive oil, balsamic dipping sauce. It was off the hook, yeah I had to bring back that saying just to prove how yummy it was. It had chunks of chopped garlic swimming in it too.

The grand finale was the reason we came. 
Margherita Pizza 
Cooked to order on a stone oven. When they bring it out to you they grate Parmesan cheese all over it, its really a thing of beauty. There was none left, even after all that bread and crap we scarfed down before it got to our table. When the bill came we were both really shocked, in a good way, $33 was all. That's with an app, a bar drink, soda, and our pizza.  We spend that at our local small town restaurant easily, so it was so
nice eating at a nice restaurant and seeing that small of a bill.

Little Man Ice Cream
2620 16th St. Denver, CO 80211 

''At Little Man, we strive to bring you the best ice cream experience in town. Our ice cream is hand-made with some of the finest, local ingredients and in small batches to ensure quality. '' -A quote from Little Man Ice

These were just some of the flavors...

Me tasting my riches, ps I hate my highlights. I just feel like I look like a 50 year
old wanna be teen or something. If that makes any sense.

And this my friends is why my sweet husband and I went to Denver.
Three months ago while on a date we were talking about how Needtobreathe 
was on tour and we both really wanted to go. After so many excuses as to why we couldn't/shouldn't
my husband said, "You know what order the tickets tomorrow, if we don't now we never will."
So guess what I did the next day :) yep I ordered those dang tickets

My very attractive husband, he didn't even know this one was going to be snapped.

While waiting in line we had a great view of the State Capital which is gorgeous.
BTW did you know the dome is capped in real gold. True story. Once it hailed and chipped
chunks off and people where running and getting flakes out of gutter.

We got really close to the stage! Only one person deep in front of us. 

Needtobreathe front man
Heres a video of what they sound like

Opener: Ben Rektor
Heres a video of what he sounded like

All in all it was a great show and amazing trip. 
Needtobreathe was even better live then they are on CD. Why do we
still use that saying, no one listens to those things anymore,
okay they're really great on iPod.
Ohhhh that's why because it sounds dumb.
I love my husband and it was so nice to get away!
I came to the conclusion that i am too old for concerts now though :) 
Too much standing! Next time if I ever go to another one I'll be in the VIP section for sure.
Oh waiiit I'm not a celebrity 

PS did I mention I'm trying to keep myself up by being on the computer because I'm going to the midnight
screening of
The Hunger Games!


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