Monday, March 26, 2012

Modern Baby Boy Print Blanket

So here's another one of the "Simple Baby Blankets" I made. 
It's for a new baby nephew that's on his way. I'm pretty excited for the family and really wanted to get it right. I looked in the fabric store for quite awhile (ik how horrible) and settled on this "David Textiles" Claire Bella print in flannel and matched it with a dark gray flannel for the back. It just fit the mommy-to-be's style perfectly I thought.
I even finally got to use some of the tags I printed off months ago from Spoonflower
which I'm almost completely satisfied with. Almost. They did a great job I'm just not so sure I did, I feel like I should have opted for a little smaller of font. Oh well like all things sewing, its a trial and error process, I'll master it one day! Same goes for you, that new thing you tried and didn't master guess what it was a try right, it wasn't a perfect. Try it again you'll do better.


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