Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Projects I Want To Do

1) "The Party Dress" By: The Cottage Mama

2) "A Pretty Rosie Wreath" By: The Pretty Poppy

3) "That's The Best Frosting I've Ever Had" By: The Pioneer Woman

4) "The Mini Me Cardigan" By: Happy Together

I have made #3 and it was delicious! Its really soft thought so it doesnt stand up that well, but it does make up for it 10 fold in its tasty-ness :P  <--- thats me drooling a little while thinking about this stuff...
All these other projects hopefully i get to some day, isn't this dress darling? Sooo fancy, love her fabric choices
Which one would you most like to do? Or do you have a project that you would love to do but haven't found the time?
Share in a comment below :)


  1. Hi! yay for Colby people. What church do you attend? I'm so glad you found me through my apron. :)

  2. ik right!? I love it here. We go to College Drive, i love it and the people. Where do you attend? Ps love the apron, my family was over for a little whilee and my sis-in-law loved it, she thought i made it...of course i corrected her haha


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