Saturday, May 21, 2011

Porch Sprucing

I L-O-V-E hanging out on the porch. A couple years ago when I was still working
a co-worker asked me if I lived on it. I laughed and then realized that it was probably a little weird to all my neighbors.
Oh Well, i'll claim the creepiest neighbor if it means I dont have to give up being on my porch alot.
This year when the weather started to get warm I really got to dreaming about what I wanted my porch to
be like. I pictured lots of yellows and some green, oh and little or no $ spent on it :) Heres where I am so
far. I want to get some green lattice type outdoor fabric for some throw pillows and I would also love to save a little over the summer and replace the hideous black railing with some white
painted wood. My husband is great at carpentry so I think I can swing some cheap labor...fingers crossed haha.
Its all still a work in progres but soo far heres whats cookin'.

$1 stone topped table bought at a yard sale this morning

$2.68 can of spray paint = cute

The flower stand I found in an old shed at my husbands
dads farm....score. I also spray painted this, but I think im going to find a different shade of green. The chair was given to
us by some neighbors when my husband helped them move some stuff. Again score!

If you want to upgrade your porch cheap too, just keep your eye out at yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores. Have an idea of how you want the space to look but be a little vague in your mind. Otherwise youll have something too specific and
it'll be too hard to find exactly what your looking for.  Remember if its not the color you want spray paint can do wonders :)


  1. We used to have that same railing on our first house. I spray painted it off-white and called it good. You'd be surprised how much that helped. :)

  2. I would love to spray paint it and have wanted to forever. But my husband doesnt trust me enough haha. he said you have to prep it and do it right or it will all come of. was yours easy?


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