Monday, September 29, 2014

I Was A Mother

My darling  daughter,
Every year I am one year closer to seeing your sweet face. I know you existed. No one can convince me otherwise. No one else's agendas, no political footing, no one can take the knowledge of you away.  No one else's acknowledgment of you or ignoring of you makes you go away.
You were a baby, my sweet baby. You grew in my belly until you were a small bump.
For 12 weeks your little body formed and your soul was inside of me.
I never enjoyed being used so much. :)
Your soul.
That so nice to type sweetie.
One day, oh darling, one sweet day we will meet face to face inside Heavens gates.
I know you are waiting for me and I am so grateful to God that Heavens time is not Earths time.
I'll see you soon.

It does not matter that on this side of heaven I never got to tie your shoes or nurse you. None of that makes me a mother. You made me a Mother. Love you


  1. Beautiful post! You put words to something that most of us keep in our hearts or closed journals. Thanks for sharing!


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