Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Morning Devotion Musings

This word, this verb has been on my radar so much lately.
Random conversations become hijacked and end up at this starting point, sometimes with even people I have never met. Many times without me even starting the narrative the flow and ebb of conversation comfortably go up and down this topic.
My daughter recently asked my what "adopted" means and I could hardly tell her. My words chocked in my throat. How do you explain to a four year old that a child does not have parents because they did not want them. They left them. 
Explaining sometimes really strips away all the extras, makes plain, and lays bare topics we've added so much to. 
I could hardly give my daughter an explanation because the look on her tiny face told me she could not understand. 
The understanding will come later in life when the ugly in the World is hers to witness. 
I pray though that she never fully understands.
I pray the orphans needs cry out to her and she replies.

Is helping the orphan always the same.
If adoptions not for you give.
If adoptions not for you support.
Please if adoption is not your calling do not become a critic to make yourself feel good about not helping.

I will agree with the critics that adoptees may or do come with baggage.
Won't you agree though as a Christian that God is out Father?

If God can see my worth even while it's hiding behind all my ugly and call me his daughter surely adoption is not that crazy. 


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