Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Pillowy French Bread

So I have been baking bread now for 7 years now and this is The Best Recipe Yet
The kneading process in this one has to be what makes the difference.
My husband keeps complimenting me on it.
The soft texture is so beautiful haha
My son is sick today so during the last 10 minute rest I let it rest for more like 30 minutes
I also cut the recipe in half and just made one loaf.
Happy baking

Kuddos to The Baker Upstairs 

My Husband took a bite out of the top for no apparent reason. 
I am just as confused about this as you are.


  1. Looks delish!
    How do I view the recipe? It won't let me

  2. Sorry Malorie, HTML is not my forte. The problem is fixed, thank you for letting me know about it! I remade this recipe (cut in half) as dinner rolls and liked it that way also :) Its a winner.
    Thank you for visiting!


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