Thursday, September 22, 2011

Old Becomes New

I love taking an old thing and giving it new life. It really feels good to take something that is unused and going to rot and making it into something you can use and even just look at. This weekend I found this

I guess it used to be a window screen, its around 2' X 4' im guessing. The moment I saw it I knew I could do something fun with it! Its pace is now above our bed with a "W" hung to it, mabey one day a big canvas portrait of our family....who knows. If I had a larger room I would have loved to hang hooks on it and made it into a jewelry hanger/display. Oh well a girl cant have everything!


  1. thanks melissa! yeah i happened upon it when i was on a walk with my daughter to daylight donughts haha. there just happend to be a yard sale thing going on and an elderly woman was moving and getting rid of everything. which includes a bunch of her beautifully old and used quilts. i only bought this one but all of them were awesome. i love faded old quilts. it is soo comfy


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