Wednesday, October 05, 2011

70's Tunic Out Of Thrifted Clothing

My daughter was needing some long sleeved shirts for this fall and winter, so here is the first of many shirts her mamma will make her. She is the first of my husbands and I's kids (and only for right now), the first niece or nephew for my siblings, and the first grandbaby for my parents. Needless to say I have had to buy very few clothes, she has the largest wardrobe ever. Some mornings its a little chillly though and i've been fumbling as to what i'll put her in and since I live in the middle of nowhere, shopping trips must be planned. I wanted to make her some new outfits anyways, i've really been neglecting my friend, the sewing machine. For the pattern I simply "hacked" a dress she already had (which I explain 2 or 3 posts back) and shortened the length a little.

This thrift store find was the fabric i used for this tunic. I just love upcycling clothes! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Its sorta 70's, pin a feather in your hair-ish, and im groovin it :) haha im a dork. I wanted it a little longer but I miscalculated a little and thats alright. I added a little white pocket so it wouldnt be too, "blah", out of an old t-shirt of her daddy's. It'll be so cute with a white pair of leggins!

Yaaaah for Fall!


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