Monday, June 06, 2011

My Camera Couldnt Swim :(

I loved my camera. Theyre were soo many extras that made it loveable. Its panaramic shots, it even had a slideshow that you could play of your photos and turn them into black and white and play happy or sintimental songs. We had some fun times, unfortunatly theyre over, all over. I took my baby and a niece and nephew swimming at our new water park and brought my loyal friend along. I brought my own waterbottle along and my cheapness cost me big time. I apparently didnt screw the cap on all the way during one of our snack breaks and the water was pooling on the bottom of the chair that our bags were on. If only it could swim. :(  Luckily I have some unexpected cash flow coming in from a job I used to be employed at and I'm going to be buying a new one. Hopefully this weekend my new love will be this handsom dude:

I know hes a looker. Its definatley an upgrade! Im soo excited about this!!!! I cant wait. So thats why its going to be a week or so before I put any crafts im doing up. Ill try and do some other fun posts until then.


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