Friday, June 03, 2011

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Brooklyn Brew Shop
1 Gal. Beer Making Kit: Everyday IPA
I mean what dude wouldnt want to have his friends over for a game and serve/brag that the beer their drinking was handcrafted by him
Its scrapbooking without the mess! Its genious!!! I absolutly loved designing the one I did. After awhile of figuring out just what the right Fathers Day gift for my husband would be I decided on this. Mostly because I never see him cry and im thinking this quite possibly could do the trick. Im horrible I know. I put tons of letters, poems, and bible verse for him in it, with tons of photos of him and our daughter together. If you want to check mine out just click HERE always has the best gift ideas. You select what the event is, what type of person they are and then they suggest gifts for you. Its soo cool and simple and easy and I use it alot

Take him to see Tim Hawkins
Hes a christian comedian so you can actually leave without feeling gross and you'll be able to go as a family. My husband and I watched him in Denver last year and he is sooo funny. Just youtube him, heres a sample of what hes got HERE

Whatever you get make sure he knows or gets the feeling that you were thinking of him. Dont get something YOU want but think he wont notice, like a new stove or landscaping stuff. Get his gift fully for him and not with your own agenda tied to it. Let him know how much you appriciate him


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