Thursday, August 22, 2013

Latest "Simple Baby Blanket"

I love making these simple baby blankets for family and friends. It's definitely my go to gift that I really love to give out.  
Here's why

1) They're bigger then store bought ones. Don't get me wrong they're not massive but they're the perfect size for laying down for tummy time or draping over a carseat. I was sad with some of my favorite blankets for my daughters I really couldn't use a bunch because other then looking cute they didn't cover the basic needs of what I needed a baby blanket for haha.
2) Nothing is more special then home made. It says I completely thought of you when I picked out this fabric. I didn't just grab something off the shelf on the way to your baby shower or hospital room. They're is absolutely nothing wrong with store bought  but there is something undeniably special about homemade. I had a baby before I started sewing so I know :D
3) They're cute but only take about 45 min!

This one I made for one of my husbands good friend's first baby. Him and his wife are so sweet and they're little one is such a doll.
I went with Alexander Henry's Zoo Pool flannel because the new Daddy is a Native of South Africa. I wanted something that reflected his home for his son and it was this or surf boards :) 

My husband holding Collin. It was love at first sight ;)
Did I sell you on them? Okay then use this Tutorial 
  Here's another one of them I made for another special baby

I've made them out of fleece and flannel, flannel and flannel, and flannel and minky. All and any of these options work great.


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