Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pin Domination :)

Who doesn't love Pinterest? Well ok I actually have met a few that didn't but I think the main reason for that was simply because they couldn't grasp the concept or were confused by how to use the site. The way I always explain it to my friends who don't have it is by telling saying, "You know how people make bulletin boards and thumb tack projects they like or magazine clippings or even photos up, its like that. You "pin" virtual things you like to your virtual "board" and its a way of remembering the items you like or the recipes you want to try.  Follow Mine Here  
Thats Pinterst in a nut shell, you pin the things you like and to get to the item you click on it then once it appears bigger you click on it again to be taken to the original website that had the item or recipe.
Well I thought I would share with you all some of my favorite pins that I have tried out and or bought, then you can just pin this post to your "Approved" or ""Thumbs Up" boards....

Beef Stroganoff (Crock Pot)

Its weird but a lot of the time I steer clear from crock pot meals, it just seems like many of them have very difficult recipes to follow. Such as searing the meat first, for me having to cook the meat first completely defeats the purpose of a crock pot meal. When I cook in the crock pot I do it for ease, not so I have a bunch of pots to clean and 20 steps to follow, I might as well just throw the rest of the ingredients in after cooking the meat in the pot and cook the whole thing in the pot 100X faster. 
This recipe is amazing, I did half it every time I cook it though, and instead of beef broth I just measure out 7 oz of water (which is half) and add a beef bullion cube. Theres always plenty left over for our little family. Also I never have Worsh. Sauce so I use Soy Sauce instead.

Coconut Pound Cake

I loved this recipe! And that glaze, oh my! I took a loaf to a girls night that me and some friends get together for and I was sincerely embarrassed by all the attention it/I was getting, and also by how much I was eating of it :) I also like how out of the ordinary it is, its fun, different, and unexpected.

The Pioneer Woman
photo belongs to pioneer woman

Okay so I read this tutorial slash recipe and it was like a light bulb in my head, like an "ohhhh im an idiot for not thinking of that!" Simply put all you do for iced coffe to not make it taste watered down is to brew very strong coffee ahead of time and store it in the fridge. Her method is alot more complicated then what ive adapted it to but my way came from her way so I thought I would give credit were credit was due. 
Audrey's Way: step 1)pack a butt load of coffee grounds into your coffee maker or like me into my k-cup, then only brew with minimal amount of water into a mason jar.  
step 2) if using kureg machine repeat step one into the same mason jar twice. 
step 3) secure concoction with mason jar lid and place in fridge for a couple of hours (one at the least) or until your ready to drink it. 
step 4) fill glass 1/4-1/2 the way full, add two teaspoons sugar, then add milk until the glass is 3/4 full, finally add ice and enjoy. 

Ive added vanilla syrup (found in coffee aisle in an italian jar) and or a teaspoon of chocolate syrup or Nesquick to my glass for a vanilla iced coffee or a Mocha one. If you like a richer version add cream instead of milk.....its so much better that way but waaaay fatter. 

Skinny Taste 
photo belongs to skinny taste

My husband who is so weird about chicken loved these! He's also that guy who never gives me input and requested these a week or two later...they're sooo yummy and not too many ingredients are required so thats a plus.

Melt in Your Mouth Chicken
photo belongs to

With the directions only three to four sentences long and the outcome being moist, tender chicken who wouldn't make these!

Peetas Stuffed Cheese Buns
Yammie's Noshery
Photo belongs to yammies noshery

The picture says it all, I still drool thinking of these...a little

Okay so all these pins I've talked about in this post that have all been sucess' ended up being all food items, my bad. Im sure I don't have to apologies though :) and if I do that means your on a diet and for that I'm sorry only for you...


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