Wednesday, August 01, 2012


My bad. Long time no talk. We've been keeping it old school around here for a couple months and my blog really felt the brunt of it. I cancelled my internet after being on the phone with the provider for literally three hours and transferred at least 8 times, "disconnected" once, and on hold once for 45 minutes all in one sitting. When I got so sick I could throw up in my router box and mail it to them over how awful their customer service was I finally just told the man I was on the phone with to cancel my service. I said I was tired of dealing with them and their billing was always messed up. When he told me to enjoy the rest of my day I said, "I will, I'm going to go punch dance my rage out now." If you've never seen "Hot Rod" then that quote doesn't make any sense and you don't have to laugh. If you have this provider then I'm sure you have a sneaky suspicion that I'm talking about your provider.  I shouldn't come out right and say their name because it wouldn't surprise me if those dummies would sue me for slander or something but I'll give you a clue....They have the worst customer rating and their company name starts with and "A" and also has two "T's" in it.
Well anyways thats why I haven't put any posts up or cute tutorials, I'm sorry, but if your that worked up about it you can go punch dance your rage out on the lawn of one of their business. :) I was however randomly able to half way keep up with my facebook, all I had to do was walk to the edge of my lawn in my backyard and point a certain direction and "borrow" somebody's wireless that wasn't password protected. How kind of those neighbors to be so generous lol.
 I'll just do a short post now and save an awesome one for later.

From the Etsy shop Sweet Dreams By Tami


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