Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day Dreaming

It all started with a little day dream that dwarfed into something way bigger. In June I started wondering what I would do for our five year anniversary in July, I always put a lot of thought into gifts and such since its my "Love Language".
As I was brainstorming about what gifts I should and shouldn't get him I was like, "hey I should surprise him with a trip to Denver for us!" I was thinking a night at a B&B eating somewhere waaay too nice for normal occasions, you know somewhere like the Melting Pot or The Brazilian Grill. So I was thinking I should take a little out of the next two or three checks then surprise him, but then I started getting worried he would be secretly annoyed with how much I had saved behind his back....So one night when the time was right ;) I mentioned that we should do something extra special (because the past two years anniversaries have been super l.a.m.e. one of which we both forgot until half way through the day) for our 5 year. He got all excited and was like hey lets do a road trip instead, somewhere we've never been, hey lets go far, hey lets go to Yellowstone! So immediately I was super pumped, I'm all about traveling, theres just something inside me that is so crazy about it. I can dream and dream about trips and going places. I got right out of bed and started googling things on my phone on my back porch (stealing WIFI) and looked up how far it was and where you stay and such. I was so sold on the trip and we've been saving and planning ever since. We finally put the finishing touches on our trip and we leave in a little over a week. Heres some of the places we are staying!!!! EEEEEkkke! 

Jackson, WY

So originally the first night of our trip we were supposed to stay HERE, it had taken me forever to find somewhere that was both decent and decent priced and we finally decided on that B&B which was only $149 a night. I wasn't super in love with it for some reason but I was still content. The day after I booked the room I got a Voicemail from saying they had an urgent message for me, I was so scared, I thought for sure they were going to leave me high and dry and there would not be any other places to stay. Sure enough when I got ahold of them (after some prayer) they informed me that the B&B I had booked could not accommodate us due to some renovations. They would however find me another room he said, I told him I wasn't so sure because it took me quite awhile to find that one. In my head im thinking, "what junk room are they going to put me in for $149 a night," which in/around yellowstone is nothing for a night. He listed off some places and while on the phone I looked them up, I checked one off the list because an 80 year old had to of been the interior decorator, and then the others I noticed were nice....Oh my goodness was I seriously getting helped by a business and not getting the run around! The whole phone call the representative was so nice and very helpful and even patient while I decided which one I wanted to stay at. I ended up picking this one because my husband really wanted to stay at a "cabin-ey" decorated place and this sorta fit the bill oh and because it was really nice. :) So they set me up with this place, apologized, and then ontop of that when we were hanging up he informed me that was going to email me a voucher to use towards my next booking....yeah big ol JAW DROP

all photos belong to hotels website

Jackson, WY

This hotel is like I don't know, G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! When we were trying to figure out were to stay this one kept sticking in my head. I was getting really frustrated because it was out of our budget but I just couldn't help but dream of staying there. My husband and I even got into a disagreement over it at one point which ended up with a good morning kiss and an apology. Well after the whole hotel mix up and voucher guess who was able to afford a room here :) muh-ha-ha-ha. Oh yeaaaah! Im serious God is so good, even in the "little things," he spoils this girl all the time. Over the past several years here are some of the things that have been dropped into our lap; almost new pillow top serta mattress, 2 computers, a glider, almost new couches, the vehicle I drive, a medical bill being payed off, a used shed, a new crib, a new jeep stroller.... These have all been things the Lord has provided us through peoples gifts, or cast offs, oh yeah and I won a new shot gun last fall too. Some people would probably just think I'm lucky, or that I'm in the right place at the right time but I know better. My father loves to take care of his creation, he loves to make my heart sing, and I like to think its so that in turn I can refresh others with blessings too.

You can buy a smores kit at the restaurant and cook them in a fire pit inside this teepee! How'd they know smores are my fave?

all photos belong to hotels website

Bucks T-4 Lodge
Big Sky, MT

This place I got a great deal on through "Name your own price"
its nothing super special but it was rated the number one place to stay in big sky.
The restaurants supposed to be amazing and like any Glutton, where I eat is at the top of my list.

all photos belong to hotels website

Here are some of the places we plan on stoping:
and obviously all the main yellowstone places too, I'm just not going to waste my time with those because of how obvious they are

Jackson, WY Town Square

The Alpine slides at Snow King Resort in Jackson

Tower Falls, Yellowstone

Grand Teton's

Ousel Falls, South of Big Sky I believe

Granite Hot Springs, by Jackson

Stieglers Restaurant

Photos of The Bird, Jackson
This photo of The Bird is courtesy of TripAdvisor


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