Friday, April 13, 2012

Outdoor Lovelies

Hanging Baskets on Fence

I've been daydreaming a lot lately and it seems to have a reoccurring theme. The theme is 
Flowers, Outdoor patios, flowers, trees, greenhouses, fences, and flowers.
If it has to do with warmth and outdoors its probably been swimming around in my head. 
I really want to fix up our back yard this year and make sort of a hang out for me, so Emrey can play while I relax. I like the idea of hanging flowers from your fence like in the picture above.
I also don't want to get to carried away though and spend too much, I just want to be frugal, and sometimes I think older items have more of a personality.

Door Arbor Vignette 7.10
I would just love an arbor like this with white picket fence on both sides in my yard! Ohhh to dream

Decorative edging attached to an existing structure. great idea!

I adore this Decorative Edging that they used to help their viney plants creep along this structure. The source I believe is BHG I just cannot find the actual page. Sorry.

Some great container gardens--sun, shade, flowers, no flowers. Check them out.

Here's another idea of hanging flowers from your fence  I just love this idea, who says flowers have to be on the ground or only hanging from your porch.

This makes ideas whizz around in my head!

I found a huge window like this last Sunday, so i could easily get my husband to build something
like this for me, but hes so busy I would feel busy even asking him to do it for me. I want a green house badly though. Very badly. I'm sad now just from thinking about it.
Sorry I cannot find a source, leave a comment if you know it, I would like to give credit where credit is due

love this door w/o glass to seperate parts of the garden/backyard!  (and of course, the fence)
This is another salvaged door project. It looks like the fence could easily be made out of old pallet boards. Swooon.

By the way most of these are pinterest finds, if you want to follow my pins click the pinterest symbol right under my picture in the top left corner or click HERE


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