Thursday, April 12, 2012

Date Board

I have been really busy lately and trying to slow it down and being very intentional on what I decide Emrey and I are going to do that day. Half the stress of being so busy is worrying your going to forget or miss an obligation. At least for me that's the case, I would lay in bed at night trying to think of what plans I had already made for the next day terrified I would miss something important because of all the, Play dates, Story Times at the library, Tumble Toddlers Time, and on and on. So this project idea has been brewing in my head for awhile.

All I did was hot glued some cheap clips to a frame I had. The pictures in these frames were already in there but you could easily frame cute card stock or some fabric. I also cut paper into squares, and stuck some letter stickers to stand for the days of the week. When I have something to do on a certain day I'll write it on that days paper and clip it up. When that days done I'll take it down. Simple. On the frame right next to it I just left it free of anything and in dry erase marker I'll just write upcoming events and such. Eventually I want to frame some cork board to put right under these two frames, to hang things I need to keep and also hot glue a decorated tin can to put the extra blank papers in and pins. 
I'm excited to not have the "oh crap what am I doing tomorrow" feeling every other night, I hope it can do the same for you.


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