Thursday, January 29, 2015

My Hummingbird Dress

So I finally jumped on the Hummingbird bandwagon. She was having a 50% off
sale so I basically was forced to. Right? Thats how 50% off sales go?
Even though my daughter lately has not been digging what I make her I thought I 
would just go for it. She always likes dresses. Well mostly always.
My only complaint is the bodice is a little revealing, I think shortening the straps a 
hair will remedy that though.
Photos did not turn out the most crisp this day but no body is perfect I guess and the sun sometimes hides.
*note; I lengthened the dress since it is winter. When the weather 
warms up ill raise it.
Cannot wait to make a new one and tweak it by widening the straps and adding flutter sleeves.
Fabric line from a V. & CO. Moda line.
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