Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hair Cut (DIY)

About month ago I cut my own hair on a whim. I lack serious self control at times, which is both empowering and worrisome. :) I have (needed) a trim for months and with a newish baby and husband wih a crazy work schedule I finally gave up on the hope and just started triming it myself. At first snip I sorta knew I was just going to do what I really wanted and give myself a bob. It was sort of like when you know your going to jump off something tall and you sorta trick yourself and jump off before you get to "...three" ...please tell me you understand the analogy? Well anyways after a few "just a trim" snips I sorta sent out a cry for help text to my friend Kelly trying to get her to talk me out of it. When she didn't text me back in ten seconds (haha) I just grabbed a late portion of my hair and snipped it off all at once so there would be no going back.
I wasn't sweating either...
Anyways here is a series of selfie photos for you because I kept it a secret from my husband while I was doing it. For fear of a butt chewing. 

(Selfie I sent to a friend. I don't think I'm as cute as a selfie implys haha)

Yaahhh I'm a mom!

I would like to eventually make it more of a wedge and a little shorter. I couldn't pull the back hair to the front after a certain length (if that makes sense)
So my next trim Ill have it reshaped to something more like this

(sorry no source off pinterest)


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