Saturday, July 06, 2013

Maxi Skirt Tutorial

This tutorial was so awesome I really loved it. I wish it specified measurements
a little more but I was able to figure it out easy enough.
tutorial that I found through a simple google search. 

This knit chevron is kinda what set me off in that search 
has the best knit choices i've ever seen and the prices are basically fab.

  The skirt was actually an upcycle. I'm sooo cheap that I did the math a 100x and realized that it was going to take quite a bit of fabric to make a maxi and I hate paying shipping. I was actually really nervous about it being my first one and screwing it up and being out ALL that fabric so off to the thrift store I went. I was basically sure I wasn't going to find anything that was long enough for me to use but I came across this super shapeless 90s knit dress. It was perfect for this, I mean I didn't even have to sew a hem! I was however short some inches on the yoga waist part but cutting the size in half (6" instead of 12") worked just fine. You cant see the waistband in the picture because my tank is pulled over it sorry.

50 minutes I would say

Here's her version. Turned out adorably! Make sure to visit her page and show some love

Happy Sewing!


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