Tuesday, September 11, 2012

$1.50 Sweater Up-cycle

I saw this during what I thought was going to be a fruitless trip to the Thrift store, I had already been looking through the junk for about 15 minutes and was ready to leave when I saw this. It was in the maternity section but is actually just a 2X Women's sweater. It is in amazing shape, had the tags still on it and was such a pretty shade of soft pink. I knew right away just what to do with it. So I bought it and brought it home to sew into an asymmetrical slouchy sweater, 
which took a total of 2 seams and around 15 minutes for me to do which means its a ten minute project!
Hoooooray for easiness!

 Doesn't it look so soft!

1) Basically You flip the sweater inside out 
2) Then you pin the sides about where you see I laid my ruler 
in the photo above all the way down the sweater. Towards the bottom 
you're going to taper/angle in just like above shows (but all the way down, the sweater just hangs over the edge of my table so you cant quite see what imm saying).

Heres a closer view of what I mean. 

3) Now sew where your pins are
4) Remove pins 
5) Cut excess material off
6) Flip right side out
7) Put on
8) Flaunt it :D

I know I should really finish painting my trim


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