Thursday, January 19, 2012

Latest Projects

I'm just going to shot gun my way through this post
& show you some of the projects I've done latley

 About a month  ago my bestie taught me to knit. Which I have wanted to do for years! Thanks Jacquie your amazing, I look up to your homemaking skills big time. This was my first project, I used 15 mm needles and bulky yarn. Now im knitting a circle scarf for me with normal sized yarn and needles and it feels like im getting no where fast. Bulky yarn and needles are a lot faster to work with.

 Painted and been decorating my new sewing room that used to be a "catch all " room in the basement. 
its going good :) im so excited to get out of the dinning room table and have my own space. Ill be sure and post more photos when im finished. 

 Here is the fabric I got on super sale at fabricpalooza on seriously love the prints and am excited to sew them into a quilt. I've started but haven't gotten to far on it so far, its going to be a zig-zag quilt like the one below. I'm using the tutorial she listed and its way more simpler then it looks....yaaah! 

Heres the link to this quilt on "The Good Report" 
She has a ton of adorable and easy-ish quilts on there. I am sooo happy I found her on pinterst :)

 Shirt made out of Jersey knit. I got the inspiration for the shoelace at

 Baby blanket with minky dots on the back.
You can make a simple baby blanket using this tutorial

Stock baby hat, all I did was cut off the bow that was on it and hot glued a flower onto it. 
Bam cute looking boutique style baby hat.


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