Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cloth Doll- Mini Tutorial

I made this cloth doll for my daughter as a Christmas gift. I was working on it while my daughter was napping one afternoon, and when she woke she saw it and immediately crawled up on the couch and kissed it. By "it" I mean the head attached to a torso. There was no face, arms, or legs, but it was love at first sight. :) It was hard getting it back from her to finish. She still really loves the doll and by the photo above you can tell its gotten a lot of love already. 

 I made this without a pattern. I simply drew a sketch out of what I was going for then on card stock drew out in pencil all the body parts. I erased a lot and redrew, but eventually you'll get what your going for. Remember to draw all the parts a little bigger then your wanting because of seam allowances and such. When your happy with it all cut out your parts ( you only have to draw one arm and leg) then use them to trace around on the fabric of your choice, I used flannel which if I could do it over again I would use something sturdier like linen or muslin.
Your going to trace:
4 arms
4 legs
2 heads
2 bodies
2 sets of hair
4 shoes
and whatever "clothes" you choose

Some things you need to do before others: 
sew your "hair" on the front and back parts before sewing the front and back pieces together to stuff. Same goes with the dress bodice (or shirt your choice) and the shoes. It would be a lot more difficult to sew them on after sewing the pieces together or after their stuffed.

Parts your going to have to sew by hand:
after sewing all the parts together, (such as the front and back pieces that when sewn together make one leg) and stuffing each indiv. part you have to hand sew each part to the torso. the legs, the arms and the head will all have to be stitched to the "body". This was the part that was time consuming. Maybe during the drafting process of tracing body parts you can draw the head and torso as one piece? I think if I ever make another one that's what I'm going to do, I bet it would save a lot of time.

I hope these simple instructions can help you along the way!
Let me know if you make one :)


  1. Hi, it's very very nice your little sweet doll!
    I love dolls so much! Thank you for the tutorial.

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