Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Start of A Christmas Dress

Im working on my daughters christmas dress and with this project I decided I would take my time, and make it extra nice. That means no raw edges showing on the inside! This way of thinking lasted for quite awhile, then I decided that was silly and really a waste of effort. I decided all of this while just working on the top part of the dress. :) Im designing it all myself, with some inspiration found here and there. Its taking awhile but hopefully the love im putting into it will translate into style and quality. Hopefully. The black silky material is going to be a big sash tied around the upper waist of the dress, separating the top part from the skirt, which will be this plaid silky print. All the fabric was from walmart, some of it even the $1.50 rack stuff. Honestly I didnt even go to Walmart thinking of getting fabric but when I saw the plaid for that cheap a million Christmas Dress ideas started floating in my head. I bought some red tulle to puff up the bottom of the skirt and make it really full, im planning on letting it pick-a-boo a little out of the bottom of the skirt.
All i've gotten done so far is the top but i'll be sure and update when its complete.
Happy Sewing


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